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J. Losik CadCOMM provides detail and support documentation necessary for material purchasing and installation. The sample below illustrates typical details used on projects.
Details are reused to provide a lower cost to our clients while providing an industry appearance regardless of the client or project size.

Here you may view sample drawings produced by J.Losik CadCOMM.
Each of these smaples is available in two formats.

As a static picture (View as Picture)
As a live AutoCAD drawing (View as AutoCAD Drawing)

You will be able to view the static pictures (GIF images) on practically any browser and any computing platform (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux).
The live AutoCAD drawings (DWF files) provide a highly effective distribution medium by allowing you to zoom, pan and print the drawing as well as hide and show layers.

To view the live AutoCAD drawings in DWF format, you need the free Express Viewer software from Autodesk. Express Viewer will work with Microsft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or later. Visit Microsoft or Autodesk if you wish to acuire new or updated software to view DWF files. Or download an installer for the Autodesk Express Viewer right from this website.
Now select a category from the menu on the left and enjoy browsing the samples.

View as Picture
View as AutoCAD Drawing
Download Free Autodesk Express Viewer

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